Warriors Adaptive Scuba

Adaptive Scuba, Wounded Warriors Scuba, Disabled Sports USA Scuba

Wounded Warrioirs, S.U.D.S., Adaptive Scuba, Disabled Sports USA

Wounded Warriors from CFI diving at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, TX

Oak Hill Scuba is proud to be a part of the Warriors In Transition program at The Center For The Intrepid. This program helps soldiers rehabilitate from their injuries and see that despite their wounds, they can still take part in fun and exciting activities such as scuba diving.


How Does It Work?

Soldiers wounded or injured while on active duty are sent to The Center For The Intrepid at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (Formerly Brooke Army Medical Center). Here, the soldiers undergo a varity of medical treatments and rehabilitation to help them heal. As part of the rehabilitation process, soldiers are offered the opportunity to become certified scuba divers. That is where we come in.

Wounded Warriors, Disabled Sports USA, Adaptive Scuba

One of the wounded Warriors from CFI in San Antonio enjoys diving at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos

Wounded Warriors, Adaptive Scuba, Disabled Sports USA

A soldier from CFI training in the pool

Sounds like fun, not Rehab

It is fun for them and it is an important part of the healing process. By undertaking adaptive scuba and some of the other programs offered at The Center For The Intrepid, these soldiers learn that they can still be an active participant in life and not just some crippled observer. One of the many mottos around the center is “If I can do this, I can do anything”. The adaptive scuba program has additional benefits for some of these soldiers. By being weightles in the water, they are free from the pain associated with wearing a prosthesis or sitting in a wheelchair.

Who Pays For All This?

The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association aka The River Rats, is a fraternal organization of fighter pilots. They provide funding to pay for training and books used by these wounded warriors. They also raise money to send the graduates of the scuba program on a dive trip. The Instructors and Divemasters volunteer their time and efforts in the training process. Aquarena Center provides the training area for check out dives at no cost.

How Can I Help?

Help some of these brave men and women to enjoy a taste of the freedom they fought for. Our goal is to keep these divers diving. To that end, there are several ways you can help. You can donate new or used gear. You can also contribute to the Adopt a Hero Program. Which ever way you choose, please allow us to thank you on behalf of these brave men and women.

Donate Gear

If you have some old dive gear tht is in good shape, bring it to the shop and let us know that you want to donate the gear to the Warriors. Alternatively, you can purchase some new gear for them to use. Either way, we’ll make sure it goes to the soldiers.

Adopt A Hero

These brave men and women fought for our freedom. Now is a chance for you to say Thank You to some very special Hero’s. Oak Hill Scuba, Duggan Diving, The River Rats and other organizations involved in this effort are working with gear manufacturers and travel providers to help keep these heros diving. We’ve negotiated deals to offer significant discounts to the soldiers who have taken part in the scuba program. Your donations will be used to purchase gear for the soldiers who have completed the training program and show an interest in continuing to dive. We are also accepting donations to send these brave troops on a special dive trip to someplace nice. So the next time you are in the shop for a tank fill or a rental, chip in a few bucks to help our heros keep diving.


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