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   Oak Hill Scuba is “The Tech Shop” in central Texas. We are the only shop that has the compressor, booster pumps and fill station to handle ALL of your mixed gas needs. We are an authorized dealer for most brands of tech gear and know how to service it. If you are new to tech, our staff of tech instructors can help you reach your full potential. We hope you will make Oak Hill Scuba “Your Personal Tech Shop”

Tech Training

Oak Hill Scuba has instructors certified to teach NAUI, PADI, and TDI tech classes. From Intro to Tech, to Advanced Trimix and Wreck Penetration, let Oak Hill Scuba be your Tech Training Center. We can even help you with a great Cave Diving Instructor.
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Here are some of the exciting technical specialities that we have to offer:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Normoxic Trimix
  • Advanced Trimix
  • Gas Blender
  • More …

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Tech Gear











Technical diving is, out of necessity, a very gear intensive style of diving. A full compliment of tech gear includes a Back Plate / Wing setup, doubles or side mount tanks, multiple regulators, deco tanks, reels, lights, bags and a multitude of accessories. The good news is that you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get started in tech training. Many of the big ticket items are available for rent during your initial classes. However, at some point, you are going to want your own gear. When that time arrives, Oak Hill Scuba is here to help. With names like Apeks, OMS, Dive Rite, Oxy Cheq and more, we are an authorized dealer for most of the major lines of tech gear. Our experienced staff and instructors can work with you to help decide which gear is right for you and your style of diving and your budget.

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Mixed Gas Fills

Oak Hill Scuba has the only fill station in central Texas that can handle ANY mixed gas fill. Our O2 clean booster pump allows us to refill tanks without draining them like most other shops require. That saves you time and money. We can even fill an AL 80 to 3000 psi with pure O2. We try to keep an adequate supply of HE and O2 on hand, but call us a few days in advance, so we can make sure we’ve got enough gas to complete your fills.
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Tech Diving FAQ

Questions about Tech Diving? Here are some answers. If you have more questions, stop by the shop and talk to Mack. If he cannot answer your question, he’ll find someone who can.

Isn’t Tech Diving Dangerous?

Tech Diving can carry more risk, but it also has additional safety factors built in. The key is diving your plan and staying within your level of training. Some could argue that technical training is actually safer than recreational training since you have redundant gear and learn additional skills for handling situational problems.

I’m An Experienced Diver, Why Do I need More Training?

Tech Diving involves additional gear and additional skill sets. Our series of tech classes will teach you how to use that gear, along with the skills that you will need in order to dive safely.

What Is The Difference Between Nitrox And Advanced Nitrox?

The Advanced Nitrox Class teaches you how to use Nitrox above 40% O2. Since the safe diving limit for these types of blends is very shallow, it is typically only used for staged decompression. The Advanced Nitrox Class will teach you how to incorporate high O2 gasses into your dive plan.

Do I Have To Buy A Bunch Of New Gear?

For the Intro To Tech Class, you can rent most of the gear that is required for the class. As you progress through the tech ranks, you will need to start adding to your gear collection. The staff at Oak Hill Scuba can advise you, each step of the way, as far as what you need and when.

Is Tech Diving Just A Local Activity?

No. While there are tech diving opportunities right here in central Texas, you can also go tech diving in a number of places. Close to home we have Lake Amistad and South Padre Island. Tech Diving is also popular in Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, New England and more. Internationally, you can enjoy tech diving in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan and many other places across the globe.

Isn’t Tech Diving a Young Man’s Game?

Absolutely NOT! Tech divers, men and women, come in all age ranges. Some do not even start technical diving until they are past 40. As long as you have a desire to learn and are in reasonable health, you can start tech diving too.

More Questions?

Call or come by Oak Hill Scuba. We’ll do our best to get your question answered.


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